[Webzine 1] Late winter sea fishing

Jeju’s winter sea, which forms a triangle!

In comparison to other regions, the warm wind arrives early to Jeju’s late-winter sea which attracts numerous Kang Tae Kongs. Jeju’s sea, where the warm and cold currents meet, is an abundance of fishing species and if you pay close attention to the tide times, visitors can enjoy sea fishing anywhere with ease.

The period feature of the Korean peninsula,

Marado is the southernmost island of Korea, 11km away from Moseulpo Port. There is a monument on the island that informs visitors of the fact that they are standing on the most southern point of Korea, and it takes approximately 1 hour to walk along the entire coast of the island. When hunger takes hold of you, be sure to hit up Marado’s hot spots, ‘Marado Haenyeochon Jjajang’, ‘Shimbongsa Nuntteun Seaweed Seafood Jjajang Jjambbong’ and other eateries, and if you are craving something sweet, look for ‘Jeju Tangerine Hodduk’. And, for those that seek to create precious memories in Marado, you can take pictures in front of the Southernmost Monument or the beautiful European-style church that Songhaegyo stayed at in the Korean Drama, ‘All in’. Enjoying fishing on the southernmost island is in itself meaningful, and you can fish from the rocks on the seashore anywhere on the island. Also, you can experience the taste of girellas that are larger than 40cm, which are difficult to catch anywhere else but Marado and thus, are particularly important among certain anglers. Marado’s winter sea is especially charming, and in February when fish usually hide deep into the ocean due to the cold, the balmy wind among Marado’s waters ensure that it maintains a relatively warm water temperature. Therefore, girellas and all sorts of other fishing species constantly nudge at the fishing hook.

Tip. Preparations for fishing
 Fishing Rod No.1.5 530㎝/ Reel No.2,500~3,000/
 Fishing Line Line No.3, Snell No.2-3/ Float Zig Float with a good weight / Needle No.7 or above

Tip. Fishing Information
 Fishing Companies
 Ilseungho +82-10-4103-4778
 Dream Fishing +82-10-4143-6587
 Donam Fishing +82-10-2690-1111
 Kingdum-ho +82-10-7589-3114
 Pistons-ho +82-10-5394-5189

 Fishing Fare
 Day Fishing - Onboard 100,000KRW, On the rocks on the seashore ~50,000KRW (per person)

 Wave Height and Sailing Times
 Wave Height: 0.4m, Rainfall 0~3mm, Rainfall Probability 20%, Average Temperature 1~11℃ (2015 Average)

 Sailing typically begins on weekdays at 11AM~12PM or can vary daily based on the state of the sea surface. Please check for available sailing times with the fishing companies for reservations in advance.
 *Weather Inquiries: Meteorological Civil Service Center +82-2-2181-0233

Sailing Time Going out 09:30/10:10/10:50/11:30/12:20/13:0 0/14:00/14:30
 Coming back 11:30/12:10/13:00/13:40/15:00/16:00
 Boat Fare(roundtrip) Child 8,000KRW
 Call for Information +82-64-794-6661
Moseulpo Port
 Sailing Time Going out Going out - From 09:50AM until 15:10, at an 1 hour and 20minute interval
 Coming back From 10:30AM until 15:50, at a 1 hour and 20minute interval
 Call for Information +82-64-794-3500

Precautionary Note:
If you wish to stay for a night in Marado, you must board the Marado Passenger Liner (+82-64-794-3500) which departs from Moseulpo Port, not the ferry. Also, you must remember to check whether there are sailing times available for your preferred date in advance.



Tip. Preparations for Fishing
 Fishing Rod No.1 530㎝ / Reel No.2500/
 Fishing Line Line No.2, Snell No.1.5/ Hook No.6

The exquisiteness of fishing onboard in…

Chagwido is one of many islands around Jeju that has a superb view. In particular, the red glow in the sky around sunset touches you with its golden warmth. Chagwido is at a 10-minute journey through the waterway from Naepogu Jagu Gosan-ri Hangyung-myeon BukJeju-gun. The water level in the surrounding sea is deep, and a variety of catches such as the red sea bream, parrot fish, black porgy, grunt, kelp bass, are in abundance, which means that many anglers visit between January and March. Speedboats that allow visitors to take a loop around Chagwido sail frequently, and even if you have not come prepared for fishing there are small fishing boats with fishing tools that you can use.

The cost of a ride on the jet boat, on which you can enjoy the speed along with the beautiful coastal cliffs of Chagwido, is 25,000KRW for adults, and 20,000KRW for Adolescents·Children (Chagwido New Power Boat +82-64-738- 5355). The cost for renting a fishing boat is 25,000KRW for 2 hours, and 40,000KRW for nighttime fishing. With an abundance of fish in the surrounding sea, even amateurs without any fishing experience can easily catch fish. A fishing boat can carry up to 15 people, so one can enjoy fishing with friends, lover, and family. With frequent biting, occurrences in which a fish is caught as soon as the fishing line is thrown are not rare. The advantage of Chagwido fishing is that any man, woman, old or young can feel satisfied and have a great time fishing in the beautiful natural landscape.

The point changes according to the direction of the wind in Chagwido- if the wind blows strongly from the east, the Chagwido point in the west is a good choice. Also, if there is wind from the northwest, the southern point in Jigwido, where the wind is blocked by Songaksan’s cliff is advantageous. Also, Chagwido’s underwater landscape is the picturesque home to the only underwater cave in Korea, coral community, as well as various fish. The Pirate Submarine (+82-64-772-2808) located at the Jagunae Estuary can dive up to 40m below the surface, meaning you can tour the underwater landscape of Chagwido. The boarding fare is 55,000KRW for adults, 44,000KRW for adolescents, 33,000KRW for children, and the submarine operates 19 times a day


Tip. Fishing Information
 Fishing Companies
 Chagwido Dalae Boat Fishing +82-64-772-5155/ Suyong Hwejip Boat Fishing +82-64-773-2288/
 Taeyang Boat Fishing +82-64-772-3810/ Chagwido Suyong Hwejip Boat Fishing +82-64-773-0039/ Chagwido Boat Fishing +82-64-773-2244/ The First Zion-ho +82-10-3696-0349/
 Chagwido New Power Boat +82-64-738-5355
 Fishing Fare 
Day Fishing – Onboard ~100,000KRW, On the rocks on the seashore ~25,000KRW
Sailing Time 
Sailing typically begins on weekdays at 11AM-12PM or can vary daily based on the conditions of the sea surface. Please check for available sailing times with the fishing companies for reservations in advance.




Fall into fishing
Sincheon-ri Sea Wall

Fishing from the rocks on the seashore or onboard a boat can be difficult according to the fitness of the angler. However, the sea wall is a relatively convenient and safe place to enjoy fishing. Therefore, sea wall fishing is a course that is very popular with families due to its high accessibility. The Sincheon-ri Sea Wall can be found as you walk on the olle roads in eastern Jeju. Its characteristic is the red and white lighthouse that faces the wall. Similar to Marado and Chaigwido, a variety of fish can be caught at Sincheon-ri Sea Wall, but the area is usually crowded with anglers mostly looking for the opaleye. Walking into the cool breeze along the path of the sea wall is another activity in which you can feel the artistic atmosphere of Jeju. In particular, Sincheon-ri mural town, located near the sea wall, is filled with diverse and interesting murals which makes it a famous attraction for many tourists.



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