[Webzine 1] Shopping Mania

The exceptional qualities of Jeju and the sellers’ unique personality come together in one place. There aren’t ornate neon signs, and the shops aren’t big in size, but the moment you enter, you will feel the desire to make the place your special hideout. A unique rest area for travelers, and a place that will alleviate the tedium of the daily routine of Jeju residents, Jeju’s hot spot for shopping showcases Jeju’s nature and sensibility in its products, which continues to captivate people.


shopping mania #1

Nyam Nyam Jeju

The shop
that sells
the sweets of Jeju

In an alley off Sincheon-ri, there is shop that sells Jeju’s special sweets. With a cute name, Nyam Nyam Jeju, the shop is run by a woman from Jeonju who has lived in Jeju for 10 years and a Jeju-based woman, and sells marmalades made from Jeju agricultural products. The small 23m2 sized shop is filled with an array of marmalades in small bottles, made from fruits and vegetables such as tangerine, unripe tangerine, carrot, chestnut pumpkin, kiwi, and hot pepper. There is a kitchen within the shop, where the marmalades are made with a warm sincerity.
One day, the shop owners saw on the news that carrots were being overproduced in Jeju and unfortunately, were being thrown away. While thinking of ways to eat the carrots in a tasty manner, and how they could store it away for a long time, an idea developed into making marmalade. Oranges are the usual ingredients for Marmalades, but Nyam Nyam calls their jams marmalades because unlike other jams on the market, chunks of fruits and vegetables that can be detected in their special product.
The most popular marmalade is a sweet one, and is made from onions. The onion marmalade has an onion scent that lasts for a long time. It tastes supremely good when eaten with fried eggs and toast, or with pizza and cheese such as gorgonzola. The hot pepper jam which is available between September and February is also popular.
News regarding the jam is spreading by word of mouth, especially due to the fact that it is made from a generous quantity of Jeju’s agricultural products and also, due to the fact that people are pleasantly surprised that these ingredients became jam in the first place. We look forward to the shop’s next venture, as the owners of Nyam Nyam Jeju say that they are always thinking of new products to make from Jeju’s agricultural produce.

Sinchon 9-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do +82-64-784-5507 10:00~17:00

shopping mania #2

The Islander

The memories of Jeju
that you desire to hold onto
as long as possible

If you want to buy tangerine chocolate and dolharubang keychains, then it’s best if you make your way to The Islander on Chilsung-ro, Jeju-si. Although it looks like a small prop shop, it’s actually a souvenir shop that has been open for 4 years, and is well known for selling its own unique products – ones that you can’t find elsewhere in Jeju. They sell hand drawn pictures, photographs, and handmade design products that are constantly updated, so every visit feels like the first time.
Looking at the unique Jeju-themed products that have personality is entertaining. The shop is filled with useful products created from brilliant ideas, such as the tilefish mobile made from shiny fabric, a cute soap in the shape of a harubang, a candle with a fresh hallabong scent, accessories made from seashells found on one of Jeju’s seashores, and tattoo stickers. The products’ price ranges from 900won to over 100,000won, and with 2~30,000won, you can buy a nice gift that will ensure that you are thanked for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
The most popular items are candles scented with Jeju’s fragrance, and hallabong soap. Handmade postcards that have been printed on thick paper allows one to assess the sincerity of this shop.
Recently, the shop has turned the show window into a small gallery, so it can put on exhibitions. Here, you can check out the masterpieces of young Jeju artists, such as those of Yeji Choi. The shop is close to the airport and port, so it’s location is perfect to stop by on the last day of your trip.

41, Chilseongno-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do +82-10-5160-5562 11:00~20:00
※ Closed on Wednesdays

shopping mania #3


Market for those
who have fallen
in love with Jeju

This flea market opens at Olle-gil 7 Course, a cafe located along the beautiful open Buphwan Pogu Sea. ‘Sorang’jang means ‘love’ in the Jeju vernacular. This is a meeting place for those who have fallen in love with Jeju. Usually, Jeju residents who run a guesthouse, workshop, or café come and hold a small flee market to sell small handmade items and finger foods. The window of the 2nd floor, where the flea market is held, looks out onto scenery that is healing in itself. The view of Jeju’s sea, Sup Island and Moon Island is a comfort and a gift to visitors to the market as well as the sellers.
As an indoor market, Sorangjang isn’t affected by the weather, unlike other open-air markets. In particular, the market is open for all seasons and on any given day, which makes it easy for travelers to fit it in their itinerary. After roaming through the market, it’s a good idea to sit in the café on the 1st floor, and have a cup of tea. Also, this gives you the opportunity to check out the brilliantly fun pictures hanging in the café. Products made from seashells picked up from various Jeju seashores bear the scent of Jeju’s sea. The market has a wide range of products that ensure visitors are full of excitement as they cast their eyes on products such as flower bookmarks and postcards that have the scent of Jeju’s flowers and scented candles. If you want to share a piece of Jeju with those at home, you will make great memories by visiting Sorangjang during your trip.

2nd Floor, 60, Maksukpo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do +82-64-738-1134 Every second and fourth Friday 11:00~15:00

shopping mania #4

Very Jeju

All things
that are Jeju,
and resemble Jeju

Very Jeju is a shop located in a remodeled farmhouse in the seaside town of Gonaeri, which is full of deeply sentimental products created with a Jeju motif, as well as food made from the unique and special products of Jeju. The blue sky and entrance that resembles the sea greet visitors in a refreshing way. Although the place looks simple, there is nothing that the shop doesn’t have, from food that embodies Jeju’s food culture, postcards that displays the uniqueness of Jeju artists, picture frames, candles, books, and cultural products.
The shop is full of sensual masterpieces made from polishing pretty seashells picked up from Jeju’s seashores, conch candles made by old divers who are too old to go hunting in the sea, but miss it with every passing day, and pictures and photos of Jeju that have been illustrated and taken by a daily artist with their own unique stories.
The products that Very Jeju sells are not on sale merely for the sake of it. They embody the owner’s firm preferences, and also serve as a channel through which people who share similar tastes and emotional frequencies can interact. According to the owner, there are plans to promote and sell tickets for performances and exhibitions held throughout Jeju.
Very Jeju operates both an online mall and offline shop, which gives customers the advantage of choosing between shopping in person and shopping from home.

45-14, Gonae-ro 7-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do +82-64-746-7520 10:00-18:00

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