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Trips for hikers: Songaksan Dullegil and Olle Walking Trail 10

Let’s explore the scenic landscapes that truly evoke the feeling of being on Jeju Island. The route takes us over, through or along Songaksan, Sanbangsan and the Yongmeori and Sagye coastal roads. Songaksan Mountain has a short walking course that is easy enough for the whole family and very memorable for its views. If the weather is good, at a glance you can see Sanbangsan Mountain, Hyeongjeseom Island and even Hallasan Mountain! Sunny days and sparkling ocean waves accompany travelers on their journey, warming their hearts and calming their souls.

A walk you’ll want to repeat

Songaksan Dullegil

Unlike other volcanoes, Songaksan consists of several large and small peaks. The height of the main peak is 104 meters above sea level. From the top you can see its crater which is still marked by black volcanic ash. However, in order to protect the area access is prohibited through July 31, 2020.​​​

Songaksan has a circular walking course that begins and ends in the same spot. The total distance is about 2.8 kilometers and it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It is by all accounts an easy hike. When you climb its hills, the scenery unfolds before you and is so impressive that you’ll forget that you’re on a hike.​

One of the features of this particular coastal walk is the chance to take great photos — and lots of them! There are so many photo spots, abundant natural scenery, and even historical landmarks like the man made caves built during the Japanese occupation of Korea and its Asia-Pacific War… an important reminder of Jeju Island’s — and Korea’s — painful past. Completing the circumference of the walk, you’re sure to want to repeat the walk through the pine forest and ocean cliffs, just as soon as another chance arises.

Scenic highlights of Olle walking course 10

Sagye Coastal Road


After completing the circular route at Songaksan Mountain, the next part of the journey takes you along the Sagye Coastal Road. It has a number of different identities — Olle Walking Trail No. 10, Sanbangsan/Yongmeori Geotrail, a Catholic pilgrimage — but of course they’re all the same beautiful route. It takes about 1 hour to travel the 3.3 kilometers on foot. But don’t hurry! Take your time…

If you follow the Sanbangsan/Yongmeori Geotrail you’ll pass by an area of rich geological heritage. There are sections of cliff with very well-preserved cross-sections of geological and volcanic structures. A beautiful red lighthouse welcomes you at Sagye Port.

A prominent Geosite

Yongmeori Coast


After departing Sagye Port, the next destination is about a 15-minute walk to the Yongmeori coastline beneath Sanbangsan Mountain. This area is thought to the oldest volcanic region of the entire island. One landmark is a replica of the ship which a Dutch merchant, by the name of Hamel, was on when they were shipwrecked in the area during the Joseon Dynasty (1653). He was detained here for 13 years, and later introduced Korea to the West in his writings. The replica has an exhibition hall where visitors can learn more about Hamel’s life and experiences while on Jeju Island all those centuries ago.​

The coastline at Yongmeori shows various strata that accumulated during many centuries of eruptions. When the erupting lava and hot ash made contact with cold sea water, there were violent reactions which you can still see today etched in the geological formations. Witnessing evidence of this fascinating volcanic process with your own eyes is something to remember!


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