[News] Jeju Island and the JTO get a new Honorary Ambassador

Cathryn Li, center, is the Jeju Tourism Organization’s new Honorary Ambassador. She is flanked here by the JTO President Choi Kap-Yeol, left, and other officials at the JTO Friday afternoon.

The Jeju Tourism Organization’s new Honorary Ambassador, Malaysian actress and social media star Cathryn Li, took the stage Friday afternoon at the JTO’s main office in Jeju City to begin her one-year commission to help promote Jeju Island in a number of important overseas markets.

Over the next few days of this inaugural visit, Ms. Li will shown Jeju’s natural environment and its distinctive culture. She’ll be sharing her experiences of Jeju with her 2 million Facebook and Instagram followers in Southeast Asia and Chinese-speaking countries.

JTO President Choi Kap-Yeol said during his welcome speech that Ms. Li “will be a great fit for promoting Jeju’s image of excellence on the world stage,” particularly in areas such as “high-end medical, wedding and wellness tourism.”

Ms. Li, who is an actress and model in Malaysia, will promote Jeju Island to her substantial social media following.

He thanked her for “taking on the role of Honorary Ambassador … despite her very busy schedule” and conveyed his sincere hope that she would come away from this visit with “many cherished memories” of Jeju Island.

In response, Ms. Li said she particularly loves Jeju’s natural environment and was looking forward to seeing more of the island in the coming days.

More information on Jeju Island: visitjeju.net


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