Gosari: The wild fiddlehead season has begun

Well, the hunt is on for a wild perennial plant growing naturally in the mountain areas of Jeju. Bracken fiddleheads, or gosari, are both delicious and can be rather pricey if you buy them in the store.

The best time to pick the plant, which you can readily find and pick on Jeju (if it’s not on private land), is best harvested in early spring — around this time of year (April and May).

As you may have guessed, it’s not an easy thing to pick these low-growing gosari — the work is hard on your back — but once you have found the unravelled fiddleheads, it’s smooth sailing to washing, drying and then cooking and eating this delicacy.

Although gosari is healthy and full of fiber and nutrients like Vitamin A, E, and, it is also somewhat toxic if not handled carefully during the preparation and cooking process. Soaking and boiling the plant is an essential step in this process.


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