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Special Travel: Recommended Destinations

Jeju’s nature also has the suitable environment to enjoy leports. Especially, Jeju has many high and low oreums spread out and various eco-systems, so it can be said to be heaven for ATV experience and bike hiking. Thrilling ATV & bike experience against the wind of Jeju along with beautiful scenery will make traveling in Jeju more plentiful.

ATV is abbreviation of ‘All-Terrain Vehicle’, a four-wheeled vehicle that can run on any terrain. You can drive it on or off road. Especially, its main advantage is that you can ride it at anytime and any place with almost no influence of the road condition or weather. Unlike ordinary motorcycles or cars, rough riding on various terrains is the biggest charm of ATV. Jeju has a unique topography and It is a good place for ATV experience. Let’s excitingly ride on Jeju’s off-roads such as mountain trails, fields, rivers, and sand beaches, etc. The breezing engine sound of ATV and rough vibration will make your whole-body shake and will remove the built-up stress immediately.


Tip. A Way to Enjoy ATV

Turn the rotation handle bar to the direction you want to turn and lean your upper body toward the turning direction. If the speed gets higher you need to lean more toward the turning direction.

When it is sliding if it is front-wheel drive, you need to move your weight center toward the front to increase the friction, and if it is back-wheel drive, move your weight center away from the slippery part.

In a puddle for ordinary ATV, you can cross over the water less than 20cm deep. If the puddle seems too deep, get off and check first before you cross.


Tip. Points of caution during your ATV experience

If you are not a skilled rider, you shall not get out of the experience site. You must listen to your lecturer or training assistant and be careful regarding the safety. Recently, in Udo Island, there were frequent ATV accidents and the ATV itself was prohibited. Make sure to wear safety gear, and try the ATV experience after a thorough inspection.


Introduction to ATV experience sites

Daeyu Land

Daeyu Land ATV experience site is composed of 3,305,785m2-wide grassland and forest. It has a total of three courses A, B, and C, and everyone from beginner to skilled persons can have a joyful experience. 381 Sangye-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-738-0500

A Course (12km, long distance) 70,000KRW/ B Course (8km, middle distance) 50,000KRW/ C Course(4.5km, short distance) 30,000KRW

*For two or more people, 16 or older

*additional 10,000KRW for an extra child


Seongeup Land

It is ATV experience site located within Seongeup Land, where you can enjoy various leisure sports. You can fully enjoy the charm of ATV riding on a wide ranch area, twin oreum, and rough stone way. 2650 Beonyeong-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-787-5324

Basic Course (10~15 min.) 30,000KRW/ Advanced Course (25~30min.) 50,000KRW

Basic Course: additional 10,000KRW for extra child, 15,000KRW for an extra adult

*Advanced Course: additional 20,000KRW for extra child, 30,000KRW for an extra adult


Meong-e ATV

This is the place for riding rough off-road alongside Jeju horses as they freely eat the grass. As you ride the bike between the bumpy black rocks of Jeju, you will breathe the cool breeze. 397 Seseongil-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-784-3631

Basic Course 30,000KRW Long Distance Course 50,000KRW

(Must be 19 or older)

*additional 15,000KRW for extra youth

*additional 10,000KRW for extra child


Shinhwa Leisure

This is the place to ride the buggy car, which has a different charm from ATV. You can enjoy fast movement and stable jumps like racing cars with a lower car body compared to ATV. 21 Donggwang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-792-8188

25,000KRW per person / 40,000KRW for two people (Must be 17 or older)

*additional 5,000KRW for an extra child


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