[Webzine 2] Jeju Bike Hiking

Special Travel: Recommended Destinations

Jeju has made and is operating fantastic bike roads along the coast for circling around with the bike. If you use these roads, you can experience relaxed hiking against the cool ocean wind breathing the fresh air of Jeju. There is no word necessary for the scenery on the bike. It is like looking around the art gallery with the ever-changing great spectacles. Also, it is good to enjoy mountain biking around Hallasan Mountain and the many oreum in Jeju. Even if it is a little hard, when you ride the bike and climb the oreum and see the scenery of Jeju, your efforts will feel like a great gift.

Tip. Jeju’s fantastic bike roads

It is the coastal bike road that you can circle around Jeju-do using the coastal road with less traffic. In total, there are 10 certification centers, and the bike road certification pocket books are furnished at Jeju Tourism Association Airport Desk and Jeju Port Desk.

Stamp 1. Start from Yongduam Rock. Stamp 2. Darak Rest Area. Stamp 3. Haegeoreum (Sunset) Village Park. Stamp 4. Songaksan Mountain. Stamp 5. Beophwan Badang. Stamp 6. Soesokkak. Stamp 7. Pyoseon Beach. Stamp 8. Seongsan Ilchulbong. Stamp 9. Gimnyeong Seonsegi Beach. Stamp 10. Hamdeok Seoubong Beach. Arrival at Yongduam Rock 

*Jeju-si: Sarabong Peak – Yongduam Rock – Hagwi2-ri

*Seogwipo-si: Beophwan – Jeongbang Falls section experiences a lot of traffic, so be careful for you own safety!


Tip. Cautions during bike hiking

Make sure to check the weather on the day. If it rains or the wind is strong, it is favorable to set a simple course. If you are planning on mountain biking, you need to be especially careful on the safety. Plan the course distance that you can accomplish, and it is better to make reservations for lodging in advance at the destination. The hiking companies have programs with the course set up according to the conditions of the day and hiking with others, so if you have a hard time for preparing alone, it is better to contact them.


Introduction to bike rental and the experience


Jeju hiking

You can rent an ordinary bike and a hybrid bike. Also, they have 4 cycling around packages according to your strength and schedule.

3 Yonghae-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea



Tip. Andante sharing

This is a bike tour program that you can rent and return the bikes from/to the partner shops all around Jeju-do. They have rental and return places at 13 locations at about a distance of every 2 hours.


Rental Price

Regular bicycle 10,000KRW ~ 15,000KRW

Hybrid bicycle 15,000KRW (for 2 nights & 3 days or longer/per day)

Complete Package

2 nights & 3 days Iron Man Course (80km/day), 3 nights & 4 days General Course (60km/day), 4 nights & 5 days Romantic

Course (40km/day), 5 nights & 6 days Healing Course (30km/ day)

*The distance and duration per day are subject to changes due to weather conditions.


Yongduam Rock hiking

The hiking expert designs the course considering the weather and road status of the day. Especially, they have many high-quality brand bikes, and many overseas tourists also visit here.

31 Bukseong-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea



Rental Price

Basic – Alton 21-speed 10,000KRW Mini Velo 7,000KRW

Premium – 15,000KRW ~ 50,000KRW

*Per day

Guided Tour

1 night & 2 days: 4-6 people 200,000KRW per person, 7-10 people 130,000KRW per person

2nights & 3 days: 4-6 people 250,000KRW per person, 7-10 people 210,000KRW per person

*Incl. accommodations and all expenses


Jungmun hiking

You can rent not only ordinary bikes, but also electric bikes. Especially, they are operating a program that allows you to look around all Olle Trail 8 courses.

83 Cheonjeyeon-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do,

Republic of Korea



Rental Price

Appalanchia (MTV type) 20,000KRW/ No Punk 24,000KRW per day/ Hybrid 24,000KRW per day/

Tandem bike 30,000KRW per day/ Electric bike 60,000KRW per day


Olle Course 8 Hiking

About 13 km (one-way) 1.5 hr

1~2 persons 15,000KRW/ 3~4 persons 14,000KRW / 5~6 persons 13,000KRW

7 or more people 12,000KRW *per person


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