[Webzine 2] Nolmeong in Jeju: Sensuous Festival

The Food & Charm of Jeju Created by First Class Chefs,

Jeju Food & Wine Festival

May in Jeju is the most plentiful time. Especially, Jeju Food & Wine Festival (JFWF) started from last year makes the May of Jeju more plentiful. In JFWF, top class domestic/overseas chefs such as Michelin 3 Star Koizumi Kozi, ‘tvN Take My Refrigerators’ Michael, famous chef Edward Gwon, etc. gather in Jeju to present various charms and tastes through the dishes using the food ingredients of Jeju. 2017 JFWF is composed of the Garden Dinner, presented by the chefs using Jeju food ingredients, the Grand Kitchen with Masters, with 2 chefs in each team, invited domestically and from overseas, and the Gala Dinner, the best formal course dinner presented by 6 chefs, and Jeju Gourmet Week, introducing the hidden gourmet restaurants of Jeju. In addition to theses, there are a variety of events waiting, so let’s leave to experience the enchantment of the five senses vacation with JFWF in May. From 17 May 2017 (Wed) to 20 May 2017 (Sat)

*Jeju Gourmet Week: 11 May 2017 (Thu) – 20 May 2017 (Sat) Maison Glad Jeju, Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju, Cheju Halla University



Exciting culture walk every Friday,

Samda Park Healing Night Concert

Friday night at Jeju Samda Park located at Shinjeju Rotary is hot as concerts of various genres such as Folk, Jazz, Rock, Trot, Hip-hop, etc. take place. Last year, hot musicians such as No-Brain, A Daily, Sanni, Hanhae, etc. made Friday in Jeju blaze up. Also, this year, rising musicians of Korea plan to blaze up the stage. It does not end there. Samda Park provides a night flea market every Friday with groups of Jeju youths full of passion. Unusual eateries using Jeju specialties and a variety of goods created with passion are waiting for you. Let’s spend a special Friday night unique in Jeju with Samda Park Healing Night Concert. Every Friday at 18:00 -23:00, from 12 May 2017 (Fri) to 30 June 2017 (Fri) Samda Park at Shinjeju Rotary




Tip. Course route

Full course for expert’s competition is Gujwa Sports Park -> Deokcheon-ri -> Songdang -> Susan -> Seongsan -> Jongdal -> Hado Beach -> Sehwa -> Pyeongdae -> Woljeong -> Gujwa Sports Park (about 60km)

Short course for general public non-competition is Gujwa Sports Park -> Woljeong -> Pyeongdae -> Sehwa-ri -> Pyeongdae -> Woljeong -> Gujwa Sports Park (about 30km)


Scenery on the bike in Jeju,

Jeju International Cycling Festival

Jeju International Cycling Festival is held in Sept to publicize the outstanding natural environment of Jeju through green transportation, and bikes. It is held in the coast and hills of the eastern region of Jeju, famous for its outstanding scenery, and it is composed of a full course competition for experts and short course non-competition for the general public. A full course competition is held on about 60km course of coastal and mountain roads and the short course non-competition is held on about 30km of shuttling coastal road. The participation fee is 40,000 won for the competition and 10,000 won for the non-competition as of 2016, and it may change in the future, so please check. The festival also has various experience programs and subsidiary events, so it is good to participate with the family. It is a good opportunity to run freely on Jeju roads, and it will be a good memory for people with interests in leisure sports.

Planned on Sept. 9, 2017

Coast and hill roads around Jeju Gujwa Gymnastics Hall


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