[Webzine 2] Cruise Tour: Gangjeong Port Area

Dreaming of the best tourist port in Asia

Gangjeong Cruise Terminal

Long awaited by many in the tourism industry, the Jeju Civil Military Combined Tourist Port (Gangjeong Cruise Terminal) will open from July 2017. According to Gangjeong Port’s 2017 cruise port entry schedule, more than 500,000 tourists are expected to use the port of entry in that year. Cruise ships entering Gangjeong will stay for at least 8 hours. During this time, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Jeju. What do you think about visiting Gangjeong Port this summer?

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Gangjeong Port walking trail

Gangjeong Port has a walking trail for causal walks composed of a greeting yard, Joosangjeolli center, sports complex, Gangjeong Eoulim yard, Navy plaza, and the Garden of Time. It is a walking trail that is demonstrative of the unique nature of Jeju’s scenery, and it will be a good resting place when you need to stay at Gangjeong Port for a while.

Gangjeong Port Kim Young Gwan Center

The Kim Young Gwan Center is made for the welfare of the residents and navy base troops nearby Gangjeong Port. This is a good place for tourists with some free time to make use of its exercise facilities, library, sauna, restaurants, and visitor lodgings.


Gangjeong fishery experience village

The Gangjeong region is famous for the beautiful sea. Gangjeong fishery experience village is a place that you can rest while enjoying the beautiful marine view. Also, near Gangjeong village, there is Gangjeongcheon resort, a cool spot in summer. The water is clear and deep, making it a somewhat well-known — but hidden — spot in Jeju.

3-hour course

Gangjeong Port ⇀ Oedolgae (18km, takes 20 min.) ⇀ Maeil Olle market (4km, takes 10 min.) ⇀ Jeongbang Fall (2km, takes 7 min.) ⇀ Gangjeong Port (12 km, takes 30 min.)

Start from Gangjeong Port, leave toward Oedolgae. Oedolgae rock standing on the sea and the surrounding rugged precipice with rocks of fantastic shapes, and shape of Bamseom Island far away makes for beautiful scenery. There is a trail, so walk a while to fully enjoy the scenery.

You can have abundant goods and inexpensive foods unique to Jeju. After Olle Market, head toward Jeongbang Fall. It is the only fall with water dropping directly into the sea in Korea. The water falls down through a colorful rainbow boasting an elegant figure. Near Jeongbang Fall, Seobok exhibition hall is prepared to commemorate Seobok, who is said to visit to find the herbs for eternal youth in China’s Qin Dynasty. If you fully enjoyed the tour, it is time to get back to Gangjeong Port. You can come back within 3 hours with slow steps, so do not hurry, and joyfully take the trip.

4-hour course

Gangjeong Port ⇀ Yakcheon Temple (4km, takes 10 min.) ⇀ Camellia Hill (13km, takes 20 min.) ⇀ O’sulloc Tea Museum (10km, takes 15 min.) ⇀ Soingook Theme Park (5km, 10 min.) ⇀ Gangjeong Port (19km, takes 32 min.)

First, visit Yakcheon Temple, which has the biggest scale Daejeokgwangjeon Hall in a single temple in Asia. The oriental beauty and unique scenery of Jeju provides eccentric resonance. Afterwards, head toward Camellia Hill, the shrine of camellia flowers. Even in the season with no camellia flower blossoming, you can have a walk in the beautiful garden roads. Next, drop by O’sulloc Tea Museum. Jeju produces good quality green tea with its warm weather. O’sulloc Tea Museum has a museum to experience the swelling green tea field and tea culture. Lastly, drop by Soingook Theme Park, where all tourist sites over the world are gathered at one place. You will feel like Gulliver watching over the entire world. It is a good place for photographs with friends and lovers, and children are fond of this place too. Once you’ve looked around enough, head back to Gangjeong Port to finish the course

6-hour course

Sanbangsan Mountain (20km, takes 40 min.) ⇀ Yongmeori Beach (0.3km, takes 1 min.) ⇀ Andeok Valley (5km, takes 11 min.) ⇀ Yeomiji Botanical Garden (7km, takes 15 min.) ⇀ Teddy Bear Museum / Museum is Alive (0.5km, takes 5 min.)⇀ Jungmun Daepo Beach Jusangjeolli (2km, takes 4 min.) ⇀ Gangjeong Port (7km, takes 17 min.)

The sea of Jeju while on a cruise is also beautiful, but the green mountain and yellow canola flowers in spring are more beautiful. First, head toward Sanbangsan Mountain fully embracing Jeju’s nature. After sufficiently looking around S anbangsan Mountain, head to nearby Yongmeori Beach. Yongmeori Beach presents glorious phenomenon made by thousands of millions of years. It has the shape of a dragon entering the sea, Next, head toward Andeok Valley, the most beautiful valley in Jeju, which exile Chusa Kim Jeong Hui was also very fond of and visited often. During the summer, you can dip in the cold valley water under the cool shade, and many tourists visit this place.

Afterwards, go to original Teddy Bear Museum built for the first time in Korea. It makes you happy just by watching various cute Teddy bears. Nearby ‘Museum is Alive’ is the experience type museum that you can directly see, hear, and touch using optical illusions and objects. This is located at Jungmun Tourist Complex, so it is best to look around other places if you have free time. Yeomiji Botanical Garden, which means ‘Beautiful Land’ is also nearby, so try to visit. Also, in Jungmun Tourist Complex, there is a duty-free shop operated by Jeju Tourism Corporation, so you can enjoy shopping. Then, once you have visited Daepo Jusangjeolli and return to Gangjeong Port, the course is finished. You can look around heaven’s gift of nature, Jeju.

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