Jeju Olle adds its 28th course, 15-B, on the NW coast

It’s not every day that a new Jeju Olle walking trail opens, and this past weekend marked an interesting milestone the 10-year history of the island’s comprehensive trail system.

Trail 15-B runs from Hallim Port, the Jeju Womens Diver School, Gwideok-1 Village Fisherman Union Building, Gwakji Beach, Handam Coastal Walking Trail, Aewol Elementary School and finishes at Gonae Port.

That’s a four to five hour walk totalling of 13.5 kilometers along a section of the northwest coast.

Here’s a map on the Olle organization’s new Korean site.

Did you know?

The last new trail (3-B) opened two years ago in May 2015. The first course opened on Sept. 7 2007 and five years later the 26th was completed, for a then-total of 425 kilometers. 

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