[Webzine 2] Profiles of beaches and cafes in Jeju Island: Iho Tewoo Beach


An important note on Jeju’s updated bus system and this blog post

From August 2017, Jeju Island implemented a new city and intercity bus system. It increased the number of buses in service, while simplifying the routes, fees and numbering system.

Consequently, the contents of this previously published blog post may have changed. We therefore would kindly request that you consult this page for new bus maps in English on VisitJeju.net,  and this page on our blog for a chart of the old and new bus route numbers.

If you read Korean, then the province’s official bus system website is a useful and up-to-date resource. We hope you’ll enjoy your travels on Jeju Island!

Beaches and Cafes in Jeju

“Filled with Youthful Energy”

There are beautiful unexplored zones and small islands along the coast of Jeju Island. The coastal areas bustle with people from all over the world and there are various things for them to do and see. Let’s take a closer look at Jeju’s beaches. You can also find more information on what to do and see while here by consulting VisitJeju.net



The Closest Beach from Downtown Jeju,

Iho Tewoo Beach

If you want to experience a spectacular view and breathe in the fresh sea breeze as soon as you land at Jeju International Airport, then you should drive west from the entrance of Shin-Jeju. In ten minutes, you will see Iho Tewoo Beach where charming red and white Trojan horses symbolize the beach. The beach becomes a festival venue throughout July and August where various marine sports are available for you to try. In particular, the Wondam (stone anchovy trap) fishing festival that is held throughout the year and anchovy fishing that takes place from June to September are the major experiences you should not miss. Boost your energy with the raw anchovy you just caught and enjoy the Tewoo rowing competition and sand bath that you can only experience here in Jeju before the summer ends.



Tip. The Traditional Raft, ‘Tewoo’

It is a type of primitive fishing boat made of woven logs. It is conveyed that it only existed in Jeju in the past. Originally, Tewoo was made of Korean fir but not it is hard to obtain those trees so Tewoo is mostly made of cedar.



Opening Period: End of June – August (also open at night) Average Depth 1.2m

Safety Facilities: a designated beach, lifeguards on standby at all times during the opening period

Parking: free parking available for 30 vehicles

Amenities: observatory, shower rooms, changing rooms, restrooms, drinking fountains, snack bars, beach umbrellas, camping sites

Address: 20 Dori-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea Telephone +82-64-728-3391~4



Public Transportation

Jeju International Airport ⇀ Take an intercity bus 700 that travels west or bus 36, 7, 18, 60 ⇀ Get off at the entrance of Iho Tewoo Beach (6 minutes on foot))



Drive about 5km along the circuit road No.1132 toward west from Jeju International Airport (about 15 minutes


Leisure Sports

Yacht tour: 60,000KRW (per person, 1 hour)

Snorkeling: 30,000KRW

Windsurfing: 30,000KRW (per person)

Sea fishing: 15,000KRW (2 hours)

Underwater experience: 80,000KRW

Camping: Available for free at designated sites on the beach


* The prices are subject to change. Please contact the tour agency for the exact price.


①Island Factory

In addition to the basic types of coffee roasted by the owner, you can also try making your own coffee by extracting the beans with a hand drip coffee pot. The café also offers an outdoor terrace where you can tastefully indulge yourself in coffee. Americano 4,300KRW, Oreo Frappuccino 6,500KRW 11 am – Midnight (Open year-round) / Parking & facilities for the disabled not available 162, Teuhaean-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-10-4604-3674



JOAZZI specializes in hand drip coffee. There is a glass wall between the indoor and outdoor part of the café. You can listen to classical music inside and face the sea view while enjoying coffee on a vintage red chair outside. “Hi, a cup of coffee please” 5,000KRW, hot chocolate 5,000KRW, tangerine juice 5,000KRW 9 am – Midnight (Open year-round) / Parking available, no facilities for the disabled available 160, Teuhaean-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-748-6226



It is the original VELOIN COFFEE, a uniquely themed café you can only find in Jeju. VELOIN COFFEE in each region has a different concept for its interior including bicycles and glamping. However, the overall neat and cozy interior will warm your heart. Variation Coffee 3,500∼5,500KRW, TEA 4,000∼5,000KRW 10am – Midnight (Open year-round) / Parking available, no facilities for the disabled 150, Seohaean-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-712-4868


④ROCCIA coffee roasters

The building built with basalt is reminiscent of a castle. The taste of coffee made of coffee beans roasted at this antique place is unbelievable. You can also enjoy some quiet reading on the second floor. Coffee 4,000KRW, Ade 5,000KRW, Mochi Waffle 7,000KRW 10 am -10 pm (Closed on second & fourth Tuesdays) / Parking & facilities for the disabled not available 53, Dogong-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-747-6526



WIND STAY where you can enjoy the ocean view and the gentle sea breeze offers menus that resemble the wind, stone, and sea of Jeju. It is a café where you can feel the warm heart of the owner who tries to provide the colors of Jeju. Wind Latte 6,000KRW, Honey Bread + Coffee 11,000KRW 10 am – Midnight (Open year-round) / Parking available, no facilities for the disabled 64, Teuhaean-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-64-711-0113



The large café is filled with various antiques and colorful items that will catch your gaze. The café also offers a garden with an artificial waterfall where you can sit on a terrace and enjoy your coffee while listening to the refreshing sound of the waterfall. Americano 4,000KRW, Pink Cheese Latte 6,500KRW, Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie 6,000KRW 11 am-Midnight (Open year-round) / Parking available, no facilities for the disabled 84, Dori-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea +82-10-6368-7676


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