[Visit Jeju Island] A fresh take on Seogwipo’s coastal beauty

On the south side of Jeju Island, four small islets are grouped together within view of Seogwipo city. They are familiar and majestic reminders of how Jeju — a volcanic island — was shaped by the sea.

Naturally, we’re familiar with their northern profiles, but far fewer people have had the chance to see them from their southern, ocean-facing sides.

The Seogwipo Cruise Ship New Paradise leaves Seogwipo Port and makes its way past Munseom, Beomseom and then back past Oedolgae Rock. During the hour-long trip there are many opportunities to see the area’s familiar coastline and islands in a new light.

Did you know?

Even locals sometimes have trouble keeping their names and order straight, but the nimonic BMSJ (Best Marine Sights Jeju) helps to remember the order from west to east for Beomseon, Munseom, Seopseom and Jigwido.

One remarkable geological structure on Beomseom is only visible from the south (ocean) side and truly breathtaking. A naturally formed cave, its arched form and stone structure has a strikingly cathedral-like feel.

Beomseom from the southeast

If the weather permits, the ship’s captain can playfully bring the vessel in close to the cave so that passengers can shout into it and hear their echo.

(Tip: The captain approaches Beomseom from the east, so you’ll get the best photos/video if you station yourself in advance on the right hand side of the ship.)

Overall, the vessel and voyage are very comfortable. There’s ample seating indoors as well as outdoors to accommodate up to 600 passengers. It’s a large ship, but some people have been known to feel sea sick in rougher weather, so please keep that in mind.

There is more outdoor seating one flight up the stairs

As for amenities, there’s a small shop on board if you feel hungry, and the Korean tour guide on the loudspeaker gives a friendly running commentary of the sights on the voyage out, while a recorded English-version is played on the way back to shore.

All in all, an ocean tour of the Seogwipo coastline is definitely a must-see activity for both visitors to Jeju and locals alike.


Keep in mind:

Departures are at 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 3:20 p.m. (weather permitting) and a reservation is required. You’ll need to fill out a departure form before paying for your boarding passes, and show ID (a passport or ARC card). Chances are it will be windy, so please bring an extra sweater or coat. 


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