[Visit Jeju Island] Free Friday concert (Lazybone, Myohan) & night market in Jeju City

This Fridays’ free Samda Park Healing Night Concert features Lazybone and Myohan will perform beginning from 8 p.m. (ending at 9:30 p.m.) at Samda Park, next to the SinJeju roundabout by the Jeju provincial office.

You can also find some handicraft and market stalls around the park, which will be operating from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. There’s plenty of time to enjoy a nice meal at a neighborhood restaurant, grab some coffee, and then stroll over to the pleasantly landscaped venue.

In all, there will be a total of 8 concerts for locals and visitors to enjoy in the mild spring and summer evenings. The Jeju provincial government, the JTO, KCTV and the Yeon-dong Community Committee are sponsoring the event.



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