[Visit Jeju Island] Shopping for local specialties

It’s a sure bet that you’ll notice just how unique Jeju Island is the moment you step out of Jeju International Airport. And you’ll definitely want to make and preserve your special memories in many photos and videos. At the same time, though, you can always pick up some unique gifts, from Hallabong citrus tea and chocolates, to traditional Jeju clothing called Galot or tiny replicas of symbolic stone grandfather statues called Dolhareubang.

Here is a list of places where you can purchase these uniquely Jeju items.

Mobile: http://www.visitjeju.net/m-en/index.jto?menuCd=DOM_000003218002000000

Web: http://www.visitjeju.net/en/index.jto?menuCd=DOM_000001820002000000

[And of course there’s also Duty Free shopping (http://www.visitjeju.net/en/index.jto?menuCd=DOM_000001820003000000) and traditional markets (http://www.visitjeju.net/en/index.jto?menuCd=DOM_000001820004000000) to try!]

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