Strong stomached? Then try a Jeju night fishing experience

Are you a mountain person or an ocean person? When you come to Jeju Island, that’s one question you needn’t ask. We’ve got both in spades!

Of course, getting on the ocean to fish or just enjoying the rolling waves and sea air requires a bit more preparation than just putting on a pair of hiking boots.

Fortunately, there are plenty of chartered fishing operations from the island’s many small and larger fishing ports.

We recently took one smaller chartered fishing boat from Dodu (in the vicinity of Iho Beach and minutes from downtown Jeju City) for a night squid fishing experience.

The trip we chose was three hours ( 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.). A reservation is required because there are a limited number of places (normally 10 passengers) and the weather may prevent a sailing, in which case they’ll call you to reschedule.

On our particular outing, the seas were relatively calm. That didn’t mean some of us didn’t get seasick — we did — but overall it was a great experience.

The cost per person is around 40,000 won and you can keep the squid you catch — or throw them back if you’re so inclined. (Keep in mind that in stores Jeju hanchi squid is quite expensive — more than 20,000 won for 700g — so you might want to rethink the latter option.)

Just remember...

If you’re at all prone to queasiness, then in order to enjoy your two or three hours on the open ocean, be sure to have your preferred anti-seasickness remedy at the ready. Acupressure bands, sources of Vitamin C or an antihistamine are just some of the preferred countermeasures used by mariners around the world.


Leaving Jeju Island even for a brief ocean excursion requires filling out a form with your personal details for the Marine Police. Photo identification (an ARC card or passport) is sometimes required as well. So please be prepared with both.

Iho Teolbo Chartered Fishing (이호 털보 배낚시)
146 Tewoohaean-ro, Jeju-si

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