[Visit Jeju Island] In the way that the sea becomes a friend…

… Travel Jeju along its coastal promenade

What color comes to mind when you first think about Jeju Island’s ocean scenery? Emerald? Actually, there’s an even more delicate hue, one that resembles the green and cobalt plumage of the fairy pitta — a migratory bird found on the island.

The subtle changes in color depend on the time of day (and therefore the angle of the sun), the seasonal difference in the tides, and even the humidity of the ocean air!

People who are fortunate to live and work around Jeju’s coast will tell you that the very same location will have a different character from hour to hour. This means that in order to truly get a sense of Jeju’s marine beauty, you have to greet it up close and often.

Walking along the coast — with stops for a coffee, for example — is a truly enjoyable way to befriend Jeju. With the sound of the waves and primordial scent of the sea, the sun will shine down on your exciting adventure.


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