Feel like a movie star! Visit Jeju’s famous TV drama and movie spots

Jeju is a place where even if you visit a number of times, it feels totally new. So how about Jeju’s on-screen presence… like when you visit locations that you’ve seen on TV and film? Let’s go and check out some of Jeju’s hidden filming locations and follow the actors as they performed in this beautiful island scenery… and make our own unforgettable memories in the process! 

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Mobile: http://www.visitjeju.net/m-en/tourMobView.jto?menuCd=DOM_000003220009000000&areaId=CNTS_000000000021975&langCd=EN

Web: http://www.visitjeju.net/en/themaView.jto?menuCd=DOM_000001822008000000&areaId=CNTS_000000000021975&langCd=EN


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