Geumak and Abu volcanic cones: Setting the scene in music, movies

Jeju Island’s special geological origins mean that there are some very beautiful (and at the same time, easy) hikes to be had.

The two we’d like to feature today are Geumak Oreum and Abu Oreum, and as you can see from the photos and the embedded music video, they have plenty to offer hikers of all abilities and ages!

It’s no accident that the first volcanic cone (oreum, in Korean) is the site of a new music video by Korean pop singer and diva Lee Hyo-ri , singing her new song “Seoul.” (Some years back she moved to Jeju Island to enjoy a quiet semi-retirement.)


This oreum is one of the few on the island where it is permissible to drive your car up to nearly the peak.

The pond inside the crater at Geumak Oreum is known as Geumburi.

This is convenient for people who might not have the time or inclination to make the 30-minute climb. Also the paragliders who launch from the lip of the volcanic cone are spared carrying all that heavy gear each time!

Still, it’s only 427 meters above sea level and a pleasant walk, so feel free to leave your car at the large, convenient parking lot at its base (there’s a new public washroom there as well.)

The view is well worth it!




And the second volcanic cone on our list also features in Lee Hyo-ri’s “Seoul” music video and the 1999 historical drama film “The Uprising.” A similar distance to the top, its view features pristine scenery and a distinctively shaped geological formation that’s captivating.

It’s yet another oreum to admire and visit often!



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