Save room for some traditional Jeju rice cake dessert during Chuseok!

During such beloved festivals as Chuseok, you see a lot of traditional desserts. On Jeju, one specialty is called omegi ddeok. This rice cake is made by boiling round balls of glutinous millet dough and rolling them in mashed red beans or red bean powder. Some chefs add aromatic mugwort to the flour to add scent, color and flavor.

On the outside it may appear to be rather unrefined, but the flavor and texture more than make up for it. Omegi ddeok is a favorite among young and old.

You can try making your own following at a cooking school in Jocheon-eup, Jeju City, called Ggamanggotti. There is a 90-minute experience program which costs 15,000 won per person. If you’d like to go in a group of four or more, please make a reservation (, in Korean).

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