[Visit Jeju Island] Nature’s vitamin drink: Hallabong juice 

It’s the winter season when Jeju Island’s natural vitamin drink is at its more needed and most delicious. Hallabong orange juice needs no artificially added sweetener or coloring. It’s known to help boost the immune system and improve one’s skin tone, as well as being an antioxidant. You can find Hallabong juice served in cafes around the island, as well as at traditional markets like the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market. It’s nice to know that something so fresh, healthy and delicious is locally made and readily available during the winter months.  

Hallabong ice cream anyone? http://www.visitjeju.net/en/tourView.jto?menuCd=DOM_000001818001000000&langCd=EN&areaId=CNTS_000000000020361 

Seogwipo Market: http://www.visitjeju.net/en/tourView.jto?menuCd=DOM_000001816007000000&langCd=EN&areaId=CONT_000000000500731 

More Jeju specialty products: http://www.visitjeju.net/en/index.jto?menuCd=DOM_000001820002000000 

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