Seomun Market: As genuine a Jeju dining experience as you can get

entrance gif

In an older area of the city, where for centuries fishermen and market sellers have lived and worked, Seomun Market has been the center of the neighborhood.

It experienced a period of decline in the 1990s, only to be revived with a plan by the City for businesses to provide customers with top quality, inexpensive beef, pork, seafood and local produce.

The somewhat unusual (and fun!) way you go about dining out at the market is to go to one of the butchers or fishmongers and buy directly from them. They will give you a plate of the fresh beef, pork, or seafood right there.

You then go inside the main building of the market where dozens of small restaurants (your choice) are set up so you can grill your own meal. They provide a table and side dishes for a 10,000 won fee (up to 4 patrons per table, 3,000 won for each additional person), and you can order non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks separately.

The seating is generally a mix of Western-style tables/chair and low tables on an elevated platform, so you can choose which one is most comfortable for you.

The menus are translated into English, Chinese, and Japanese for your convenience. The restaurant owners might not be able to speak your language, but they are welcoming of visitors and will do their best to communicate. In a pinch, you may be able to find a customer to help.

Once you’re finished with the meat course of your meal, you can order all the classic Korean dishes like kimchi stew (7,000 won), soy bean stew with vegetables (doenjang jjigae, 6,000 won), white rice (1,000 won), chilled buckwheat noodles (5,000 won), and more.

Again, for our Muslim readers, there is the option of trying just the beef or seafood at Seomun Market.

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