Congratulations to our May SNS Event winners of Starbucks e-Gift cards!

Many thanks to all the participants in last month’s JTO Jeju event. The winners have been contacted and will receive their Starbucks e-gift cards next week by email.

We were very impressed by the diligence and affection that so many of you expressed in your contributions. We hope you’re enjoying using, which recently was completely overhauled.  Please let us know what you think!

We thought we would highlight a couple of the selected photos that were sent in with insightful comments (we’ve kept them anonymous, but you know who you are!)

  1. “I love this photo because it emphasizes pretty flowers lining the hiking trail. No matter how small they are, they play a big role in adding beauty to the surroundings, and making people’s hiking experience even more enjoyable.”

  1. “This photo makes me happy. Seeing these  children smiling while picking hallabong makes me smile as well. I also love the colors and the vividness of the image.”

  1. “I love the colors of fall! I want to go hiking in Jeju to enjoy its autumn colors. Actually, I’d love to enjoy Jeju’s beauty and colors in all four seasons.”

  1. “This sunset view is particular breathtaking and impressive and it reminds me of the South Korean Anthem First line mentioning East Sea and also the land of the morning calm starting at Korea.”

  1. “Horse Stable Pastureland in autumn. This photos makes me feel calm with the meadow and Jeju ponies.”

  1. “As I have said above, I think riding a hose will be one of the activities I want to try in Jeju because I have never had a chance to do it before. It must be very great experience.”


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