[Visit Jeju Island] An ocean bounty served within view of the sea

Spicy fish stew and grilled tilefish (okdom, a Jeju speciality). This ocean bounty, served within view of Chagwido Island, is both delicious and healthy. If you’re on Jeju for a day — or a year — you have to give this menu a try!

For more culinary ideas, click here: https://www.visitjeju.net/u/YY

Mandeok Sikdang (만덕식당)
1168 Noeulhaean-ro, Jeju City
It's a little pricy at 9,000 won to 15,000 won for individual orders, 18,000 for spicy fish soup for 2, and 20,000-60,000 won for fish orders. But you can be sure the proximity to a working port will guarantee fresh, delicious seafood ingredients.


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