Social media-savvy foreign students join JTO ‘Jeju Ae (愛)-in Supporters’ program

JTO VP Lee Jae-Hong addresses the supporters at the opening ceremony at the Jeju Welcome Center in Jeju City, Friday.

A new program to encourage young foreign students living in Korea to promote Jeju on their social media channels kicked off this Friday afternoon at the headquarters of the Jeju Tourism Organization in Jeju City.

Some 16 men and women from the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Japan were accepted into the JTO’s “Jeju 愛-in Supporters” program.

From now through to the end of the year, these “Jeju ambassadors” will be encouraged to travel and write about Jeju’s many attractions and post a monthly or twice-monthly dispatch. You will be able to follow their posts by searching for the hashtags #Jeju愛_InSupporters and #visitjeju.

DSC05176Their work will appear on the site under its popular “Themed Programs” section, which you can see here: A stipend and editorial input will be given to the supporters as they explore and write about the island.

After an opening ceremony and briefing on the editorial process, the supporters joined a two-day professionally guided tour in which to collect ideas and topics for their upcoming journeys.

The name “Jeju 愛-in Supporters” signifies foreign students who produce beautiful Jeju postings and stories through their social media channels. The use of the character “愛”   implies a love of the island and being present here.

If you’re planning to visit Jeju Island in the future, you can get more information at the, Jeju’s official travel info site. There is also expert advice and help available to all from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Jeju Tourist Information Center. Call 064-740-6000 or click here ( to live chat with a JTO representative.


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