What is the Jeju Geo Trail? Take a one-night two-day trip to Suwolbong, a volcanic wonder

A trip to meet the real Jeju. Here we introduce a one-night two-day course along the Suwolbong Geo Trail, a key part of this volcanic island’s living history. How about exploring, dining, and just having a good time with a unifying and uniquely geological theme?

More details: www.visitjeju.net/u/173

Along a volcanic shoreline, the beautiful village of Gosan-ri is where you can find all kinds of interesting sites, such as the Suwolbong Geo Trail, watching spectacular sunsets on the peak of Suwolbong, taking a tour on an electric bicycle, eating some locally sourced fresh dried squid, and staying at a Geo House pension. And all the while, you can experience the history, culture, and geology that makes Jeju what it is: a marvellous volcanic island that is a valuable heritage for all.

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