[Promotion] Malaysian friends of Jeju, here’s another glimpse of the island for you!


GoldenDestinations and the Jeju Tourism Organization have partnered to help visitors from Malaysia to come to Jeju Island.

We hope you enjoy this video: youtu.be/qN3zJmtQ-qs

More info from the JTO’s VisitJeju.net official site: Welcoming our Malaysian guests with open arms: Selamat Datang, Malaysia! www.visitjeju.net/u/16q


【Episode 5】I will be here at Jeju
It's coming to the end of <I will be here at Jeju>, and we Golden Destinations and Jeju Tourism Organization MY, not forget the four pretty girls Chrystina Ng (黄玮瑄), Pauline 陳俐杏, Anerly Fang and May Ho will bring you to see the true beauty of Jeju!

Highlights of this episode:

☕Dalja Cafe Shop 

🍵O'sulloc Tea Museum & Tea Farm

🍢Jeju Dongmun Market 

🏨Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel

🦀Seafood Buffet 

👘Hanbok Experience Gwandeokjeong Pavillion and Old Town




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Instagram: www.instagram.com/visitjeju.en



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