[Visit Jeju Island] Unique from every angle: Sangumburi Crater

Sangumburi Crater in Gyorae Village is famous for its expansive, beautiful views of the island’s pampas grass. It’s always got something new to see or experience… especially when you go at different times of day and in different seasons.

More details, and a map: www.visitjeju.net/u/1S3

This is a 460,000m2 site is designated Natural Monument No. 263 and given its beauty and uniqueness, understandably attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Over 400 species of wild plants, birds and other animals thrive in this protected environment. No one is allowed into the center of the crater, which is a scientific treasure trove of native species whose habitat is now rather small due to human development.

Did you know?

At 2,000 meters in circumference, Sangumburi is comparable to Baengnokdam Crater at the peak of Hallasan Mountain. Here’s some cool drone video footage of Hallasan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1CYXZUYmPA



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