Getting around Jeju Island: Bus or rental car?

Here at the JTO, we get a lot of questions about the best way to travel around the island. We love helping make your trip as convenient as possible! So here are some tips and info to help with that.

tic screenshotFirst off, we would highly recommend consulting our free Tourist Information Center online or by phone. You can use it to prepare for your trip and of course while you’re here. It’s open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and offers help in English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. 

Jeju Tourist Information Center:


bus site page screenshot

Jeju’s public transportation system is quite convenient, with new facilities (like digital bus schedules at stops, and free WiFi in all the buses.) 

It’s also easier to use and cost effective. Just 1,200 won (USD 1) will take you anywhere on the island using the “blue” regular routes (“red” express buses are a bit more).

Details on the new bus system:

Official Jeju bus website with schedules (in Korean)


rentalHowever, we understand that many people would prefer renting a car while here. It’s a bit more involved, so here are a couple of pages you can consult. 

Introduction to renting a car on Jeju Island:

List of Jeju rental car companies:


Also of note is a recently published article in “10 Magazine Korea”. This extremely helpful page has a wealth of details on the documents you need to provide, Korean driving regulations and procedures, and more. 

We hope you’ll find this information useful. Please have a safe and happy journey this summer!

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