Jeju Duty Free Shopping, Step by Step

DSC08470-editedWelcome to Jeju Shinhwa World in beautiful Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo. This southside destination has a theme park and is very near the Jeju Global Education City, Gotjawal Forest, Sanbangsan Mountain, and more. 

But did you know there’s also the Jeju Duty Free Shop of the Jeju Tourism Organization here? Here are step by step instructions on how to find it!

Firstly, via the Landing Resort:


Make a left turn at the Shinhwa World intersection of Sinhwayeoksa-ro 304beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo.

You can see Shinhwa World marked in brown and white. There is a decorative waterfall at the intersection that you can’t miss.


Here you will see that you have arrived: 


After leaving your car in the ample parking lot, walk the short distance to the entrance of Landing Resort. 

DSC08475-edited landing resort entrance

After entering the main revolving doors, proceed straight ahead. 


You will pass through a long corridor. 


As you walk through the corridor, you will spot a sign to Shinhwa Shopping Street. You’re on track to find the Jeju Duty Free Shop. 


Almost there…


You’ve arrived! The Jeju Tourism Organization’s  Duty Free Shop offers great deals on a wide variety of cosmetics, luxury fashion, designer watches, electronics, and Jeju-themed souvenirs.

The DFS is on both sides of the Shinhwa Shopping Street… explore to your heart’s content.

Here are shots from the right side of the street. See anything you like? 


These are Jeju special, high-quality products which make excellent gifts. 


Cosmetics, of course, are an essential item when doing your duty-free shopping.

Famous brands are selling here at discount prices.  


OK, so you’ve finished with the right side of the Shopping Street. How about we try the left side of the street? 


Summer sales are on-going. 


You can shop for sunglasses, watches and various accessories!  


If you arrive at Shinhwa World from the Marriott Resort, then here’s a video on how to get to the Jeju Duty Free Shop from there. It’s easy!

DSC08489-edited marriot entrance

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