Busing it? Ring routes 201 and 202 will take you around Jeju Island for 1,200 won

The intercity non-express bus routes 201 (east side) and 202 (west side) run from Jeju City Bus Terminal to Seogwipo Bus Terminal. The flat fee is a very reasonable 1,200 won (1,150 won with T-money Card). It may be slow, but it’s dependable and convenient. Express buses 101 and 102 are available on the same route.

Here are four articles with amazing sightseeing destinations along the ring route!

Journey southeast on bus 201 – www.visitjeju.net/u/2ps

Journey northeast on bus 201 – www.visitjeju.net/u/2pt

Journey northwest on bus 202 – www.visitjeju.net/u/2pu

Journey southwest on bus 202 – www.visitjeju.net/u/2pv

፠ Please note that the original bus numbers (701, 702) changed in 2017. The routes are the same, however.

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