Onward and upward! Heading to Hallasan Mountain by bus

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Looking forward to visiting Hallasan Mountain in the autumn? There are a number of trails in this marvellous national park, but by far the most convenient place to start from for those in Jeju City is Eorimok. 

You have a number of bus route options, though the main one is bus 240 [1]. 

It runs on an hourly schedule [2] between the bus terminal in Jeju City and the Jeju International Convention Center in Jungmun, Seogwipo. The cost per person one way is 1,200 won [3].

bus 240 main
Bus route 240 runs from Jeju City bus terminal and the International Convention Center in Jungmun, Seogwipo.
240 bus from stop to eorimok
From the bus stop to the Eorimok entrance is an easy 15-minute forest walk.

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Once at the entrance to Eorimok, you can turn right to hike up Hallasan via the Eorimok Trail. Note that there are strictly enforced departure times for hikers for their safety, so we recommend you contact the Jeju Tourist Information Center for help on getting the latest info on climbing conditions and making a reservation with the Hallasan National Park office [4] to climb.

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Eorimok has a UNESCO World National Heritage Visitor Center, a park with a lovely pond and picnic benches, the usual public facilities, ample parking, and smaller alternative hiking options if you’re a novice hiker.  

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The 1.3-kilometer trail up to the top of Eoseungsaengak starts right beside the Information Center. It is a pleasant hike for most fitness levels.

In summary: Once you’ve arrived by bus, you walk 15 minutes up to the Eorimok site and then you can choose between a challenging hike up Hallasan Mountain, a manageable walk up Eoseungsaengak, or simply visit the Information Center and enjoy a picnic by the forest pond [5]. 

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[1] Bus 240 Route: http://bus.jeju.go.kr/search/line?searchText=240 (Sorry, only Korean is available at present.)

[2] Bus 240 Schedule: http://bus.jeju.go.kr/schedule/view/240 (You can use your browser to translate the place names of this page. Bus 240 also stops in front of Halla Hospital, the Jeju Museum of Art, the Yeongsil trailhead and Jungmun Rotary)

[3] 1,150 won with a rechargeable bus card, which allows you to transfer buses as well: www.visitjeju.net/u/3TE

[4] Hallasan National Park: www.jeju.go.kr/hallasan/index.htm (Sorry, only Korean is available at present, though there is a machine-generated English option in the top right-hand corner of the page.)

[5] It is park policy to have visitors carry all their trash with them when they leave the park. Please abide by this very reasonable request. Drones and pets are also prohibited. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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