Take a peek at Jeju’s peak autumn leaves

IMG_2804Autumn is well underway in Jeju and according to the Korea Meteorological Administration the trees are now at their peak. We are enjoying the rich, dark hues of red, yellow and browns. 

If Hallasan National Park is on your radar, there’s no better time to view and photograph Jeju’s falling leaves and take in its fresh, crisp mountain air.

Here are some highlights from this year and previous years:

2019: A few days ago, and a week ago

2018: [Visit Jeju Island] Autumn leaves up on Hallasan Mountain at Seongpanak

2017: [Visit Jeju Island] A safe, pleasant hike through autumn colors

Did you know? There are seven trails in Hallasan National Park: Eorimok, Yeongsil, Seongpanak, Gwaneumsa, Donnaeko, Eoseungsaengak, and Seokgulam. For more information, consult the Hallasan National Park Website.

Did you know? The next time you see the turning of the leaves, consider this. Organic pigments like carotenoids are responsible for their bright yellows and oranges, whereas water-soluble pigments called anthocyanins appear red, blue or purple, depending on pH levels. It’s a delicate balance, but depending on the species of plant, weather, soil composition and other factors, the leaves may take on a yellow, yellow-green, red, brown or orangish hue. It’s certainly not as simple as it looks!

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