[JTO YouTube] Top 3 ‘Hidden Scenic Sites’ Near Jeju Int’l Airport

Back in 2009, the provincial government of Jeju designated 31 locations as the best unknown sites on the island. They released the list and the public went wild over it – it was a huge success!

Today, these sites are no longer considered “hidden”, but they are still well worth the visit, we promise you. We whittled down the list to my TOP 3 places that you have to check out if you’re looking for things to do around the airport. 

1) Yongyeon Pond – a beautiful pond that is a site of inspiration for many artists and musicians

2) Dumaengi Alley – a quiet, residential neighborhood with displays of striking artwork 

3) Dodubong – a small oreum (volcanic hill) you can climb up to enjoy an expansive view of the sea

4) Jeju International Airport

Happy travels!!

JTO’s YouTube Channel “Hello Jeju” 

Thanks to JTO Creator Ajumunnie for putting so much effort into making this video.

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