[Notice] Jeju Island is working diligently to stop the spread of coronavirus

corona_enJeju Province has established a 24-hour surveillance system in cooperation with public health centers and medical facilities to effectively prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections on the island. Free face masks are being provided to domestic and international travelers arriving at Jeju Airport.

– If you have any symptoms of respiratory abnormalities, please consult a medical professional at one of these seven medical centers: Jeju National University Hospital, Cheju Halla Hospital, Hanmaeum Hospital, Hankuk Hospital, Jung-Ang Hospital, Seogwipo Hospital, and Seogwipo Medical Center.

– If you develop a fever or respiratory symptoms, call 1339 or your nearest public health center.

Jeju City Public Health Center 064-728-4010
Seogwipo Public Health Center 064-760-6011
East Jeju City Public Health Center 064-728-1515
East Seogwipo Public Health Center 064-760-6111
West Jeju City Public Health Center 064-728-1513
West Seogwipo Public Health Center 064-760-6254

– If you have visited Wuhan City in China within the last 14 days, please consult a doctor if you have respiratory symptoms such as a cough or if you develop a fever.

– To prevent any new coronavirus infections, please follow these preventative measures, including frequent hand washing, cough etiquette, and wearing a face mask in public.

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