[Notice] Jeju buses, taxis subject to COVID-19 disinfection; info on preventing infections

Masks, hand sanitizer, public service announcements and regular disinfection protocols are being used in Jeju public buses and taxi cabs around the island. 

Hundreds of island bus stops are also being regularly disinfected in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases used by many residents and visitors.

According to recent reports, local officials at various levels of government are working closely with transportation companies to distribute hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer and tens of thousands of masks for use by drivers and passengers.

This effort will continue until further notice. As of Feb. 28, Jeju Island has had two confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections. This number has not changed in nearly one week.

Meanwhile, Jeju Governor Won Heeryong is calling two emergency meetings per day to coordinate with health authorities and government officials around the island to respond to the rapidly changing conditions of the spread of COVID-19.

통합방위협의회 (1) Jeju Intergrated Defense Council

If you have traveled abroad and show any flu-like respiratory symptoms within 2 weeks of your arrival in Korea or Jeju, please see a doctor immediately and let them know your travel history.

You can call the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at 1339 24-hours a day for more information and advice.

preventing spread of infection

Infographic courtesy the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Korean Culture and Information Service


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