[Update] Jeju Island’s COVID-19 status for Thursday, March 26

There have been a number of developments in recent days. 

Earlier in the week the last of Jeju’s first 4 COVID-19 patients were released from hospital after making a full recovery. However, as of Thursday afternoon there are three more COVID-19 patients at Jeju National University Hospital. 

All three are young people who traveled or studied in Europe. Read more about the first two travelers to Spain who are Jeju’s 5th and 6th cases.

The 7th Jeju case is a Jeju resident and foreign student in Europe. She returned to Jeju from Europe on March 24 on Asiana Airlines flight OZ 8997 at 10 p.m. She took a taxi home from there and the next morning took another taxi to get tested at the Jeju City Public Health Center. 

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This brings Jeju’s total to 3 current COVID-19 cases, 7 since the beginning of the pandemic. Some 50 people are under medical observation in hospital while 69 are in self-quarantine at home. There have been no deaths.

The government has asked for your continued vigilance in the coming few weeks. This includes avoiding all non-essential in-person contact, maintaining careful hygiene and contacting medical personnel if you experience any flu-like symptoms.

– If you have any medical questions or symptoms, please do call the 1339 Hotline of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They offer advice 24/7 in English (Press #4 on your phone keypad) and other languages.

Here is a list of addresses and phone numbers for local Jeju hospitals.

– You can contact the Jeju Tourist Information Center with any inquiries you may have regarding travel to the island at this time. You can chat online or call 064-740-6000 during regular business hours.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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