[Notice] Jeju’s 8th COVID-19 case recorded Friday evening

An international student at a high school in Los Angeles returned to Jeju Island Friday morning and was taken for testing in the afternoon by a family member in a private car. She was confirmed to have COVID-19 at just before midnight and is currently being treated at Jeju National University Hospital.

The student told authorities that she was asymptomatic and wore a mask throughout her trip from Los Angeles, through Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport and Jeju Airport.

Here is the preliminary itinerary of this individual. It is subject to change upon further investigation.

■ March 27

△ (04:00) Arrives at Incheon Airport from Los Angeles on Korean Air (KE012).

△ (05:00 ~ 06:00) Takes the AREX commuter rail line to Gimpo Airport

△ (07:00 ~ 07:30) Has a meal at the Gimpo Airport 2F Food Court

△ (08:15 ~ 09:05) Takes Korean Air (KE1203) from Gimpo to Jeju Island

△ (09:10-10:00) Returns home driven in her mother’s car

△ (10:00-13:00) Rests at home

△ (13:30-14:00) Goes to her local Public Health Center for testing

△ (22:20) Confirmed to have COVID-19

■ March 28

△ (00:00) Transferred to Jeju National University Hospital


If you have been in any of the locations or think you may have come into contact with this traveler, please contact the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hotline at 1339. They offer advice 24/7 in English (Press #4 on your phone keypad) and other languages.


Here is a list of addresses and phone numbers for local Jeju hospitals.



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