[Updated] Jeju’s 9th COVID-19 case arrived March 21st from South America

[Update 3/30 11 a.m.]: After further investigation, it was determined that this individual did not wear a mask in the public places listed below prior to driving herself to Jeju University Hospital at 7 p.m. on March 28.

On Sunday, March 29th, the island’s ninth confirmed COVID-19 patient,  a student who spent 50 days traveling in South America, was admitted to Jeju National University Hospital. She spent a week on the island before showing symptoms.

Health authorities said the woman arrived at Incheon International Airport on March 21st after 50 days in South America. She came to Jeju Island that same day, and only began showing symptoms (fever and chills) on March 28th. She went to Jeju National University Hospital’s Screening Clinic in her own vehicle at 7 p.m. She was diagnosed the next day.

According to her statement to health officials, she said she spent most of her time with her family during most of last week. 

Here is the preliminary itinerary of this individual. It is subject to change upon further investigation. 

■ March 27

△ (15:50 ~ 16:40) Magpie Brewery (Hoecheon-dong Branch)

△ (17: 00 ~ 17: 20) Jeju City Suhyup Fish Market

△ (17: 30 ~ 17: 40) “Y” Cooking Materials Mart (Jeju Samhwa Branch)

△ (17: 40 ~ 18: 00) Returns home (in own car)

■ March 28

△ (15: 30 ~ 15: 35) Goes to CU Convenience Store (Waheul Branch) (in own car)

△ (19:00) Goes to Jeju University Hospital Screening Clinic (in own car)

△ (19: 30 ~ 20: 00) Returns home (in own car)

■ March 29

△ (16:20) Notified of test results

△ (18:50) Transferred and admitted to Jeju National University Hospital


If you have been in any of the locations or think you may have come into contact with this traveler, please contact the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hotline at 1339. They offer advice 24/7 in English (Press #4 on your phone keypad) and other languages.

Here is a list of addresses and phone numbers for local Jeju hospitals




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