Jeju Province puts safety first as ‘golden holiday’ weekend approaches

In advance of the long spring holiday from April 30 to May 5th, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is strengthening its COVID-19 prevention measures. 

The island’s air and sea ports, and hundreds of tourist destinations, will be following strict control protocols. 

Addressing the COVID-19 crisis and the problems presented by the upcoming holiday, Governor Won Heeryong made an unusually direct appeal last week asking that everyone postpone or cancel their Jeju travel plans. 

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Officials expect in excess of 180,000 visitors over the course of this “golden holiday” season, which given the ease with which the coronavirus can spread, has alarmed provincial officials, health experts, business leaders, and the general public. 

The campaign to stop the spread of COVID-19 on the island during this difficult time is being called “Dolhareubang [Jeju Stone Grandfathers] with Masks.”

Travelers please note: 

  • There will be a mandatory health survey to fill out (which requires your contact info for follow-ups) as well as a mandatory walk-through screening at Jeju Airport. There will be both negative and positive pressure sample collection tents at the screening clinic. This will speed up the inspection process while also adding further layers of protection for both other travelers and the medical personnel on call.
  • The definition of “abnormal body temperature” will be reduced from the current 37.5℃ to 37.3℃ so as to identify more potential COVID-19 cases in advance. 
  • The number of medical personnel will also be increased, and social distancing measures at the airport and other locations will be strictly enforced. 
  • From today, April 27, site inspections will be on-going at some 873 tourist destinations, including 419 visitor accommodations, 106 pensions, 73 amusement parks, 170 tourist restaurants, 8 casinos, and more.
  • Social distancing and mask use will be required at these and other sites all across the island. Temperature checks (non-contact) will also be in place at the entrances to 180 indoor facilities

For more information regarding the new protocols, please call the Jeju Tourist Information Center at 064-740-6000 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or go to


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