[Island Diary] ‘Umbrella’ by Ingrid Zorba

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Dear Island Diary,

I come from a country where, if a car stops next to you on the road, your life is in danger. 

Now, the other day I was walking along a side road in the rain. I had forgotten to bring anything for the rain, but the rain wasn’t heavy and I wasn’t bothered by it.

Then the car came from behind me and stopped next to me. My heart quickened and I was looking for good directions to run. 

A man got out of the car, told me to wait a moment and went to the boot of his car. From the boot he withdrew a pretty, brand-new-looking umbrella and came to hand this to me. 

I was so absolutely flabbergasted that I don’t think my face properly registered my gratitude! I did collect myself enough to bow in thanks, however!

He then got back in his car and reversed back up the road. This means he had purposefully got into his car to catch up with me and offer me an umbrella! 

Such an unbelievably generous action meant I had to write another Island Diary post! 

About the author: 

Ingrid is a teacher and a lover of quiet adventure – no, that’s not a contradiction in terms!

If you would like to contribute your own Jeju Island story, please contact the editor at todd@ijto.or.kr.

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