‘No entry without mask’ Jeju campaign targets holiday goers

Provincial officials are recommending that establishments monitor and bar visitors who violate enhanced COVID-19 quarantine instructions, including those who refrain from wearing a mask in public spaces, during the upcoming “golden holiday” period from April 30 through May 5.

Some 180,000 visitors from the mainland are expected to arrive on the island during this period.

A manual prepared and distributed by the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters to some 23,833 locations, including restaurants and entertainment establishments, specifies the designation of a quarantine manager, adequate spacing between patrons, and the enforcement of mask wearing, proper hand washing and cough etiquette.

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During this so-called “golden holiday” period, multi-use establishments are requested to follow the strengthened provincial guidelines on preventing the spread of the coronavirus. 

The targets of the new mandate are a total of 23,833 businesses, including 18,392 restaurants and eateries, 1,407 bars and other in-door entertainment facilities, 1,339 lodging establishments, 2,541 hair salons and beauty businesses, and 154 public saunas.

  • For restaurants, the manual recommends that managers seat patrons in a row or zigzag pattern to avoid having them sit across from one another. It also suggests promoting the covering of one’s mouth with one’s hand when talking during the meal.
  • For lodging establishments, the manual recommends promoting as little contact as possible for high-risk groups (those aged 65 or older, those with chronic diseases, and pregnant women).
  • For beauty salons and other close contact establishments, the use of masks at all times, and where mask use is difficult, to avoid talking as much as possible. Wherever possible, maintain at least a 1-meter space between people (employees and customers, customers and other customers).
  • For public saunas, it is important to discourage use by members of high-risk groups and maintain a 2-meter distance between people (employees and customers, customers and other customers).

The objective of health officials is to minimize any possible transmission and spread of the coronavirus among the tens of thousands of new arrivals to the island and the overall safety of local residents.

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