Enjoy a 6-day Jeju Island ‘Healing Concert’ on YouTube

20200511_124216The Jeju Tourism Organization has organized an online Jeju musical event for everyone around the world to enjoy during this time of lockdowns and social distancing resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This “Healing Concertseries is available on the Jeju Tourism Organization’s YouTube channel “Hello Jeju” and features musical performances filmed in various outdoor locations (the seaside, canola fields, green barley fields, and Samda Park) around Jeju.

The performers recorded their musical contributions amid the beautiful scenery of Jeju while also avoiding attracting a crowd, so as to keep everyone safe from the spread of COVID-19. 

The YouTube performances are available in 1080p for a full visual and audio experience for the audience at home.

Here is the line-up of musical performances:

00May 8 (Fri): Joonand (주낸드) @ Samda Park

Part 1 “On a Movie-like Day,” “DRUNK”

Part 2 “Groove,” “Love”



02May 11 (Mon): Gaho (가호) @ Hamdeok Beach 

Part 1 “Going on,” “A Song for You”

Part 2 “Fly,” “Start”



03May 12 (Tue): Hong Jo Band (홍조밴드)  @ Samda Park

Part 1 “Boom Boom Boom”, “Letter”

Part 2 “Long Time No See”, “Make You Feel My Love (Adele)”



04May 13 (Wed): Kwon Jin-ah (권진아) @ Hangpaduri Hangmong Historic Site

Part 1 “끝,” “운이좋았지”

Part 2 “Fly Away,” “뭔가 잘못됐어”



05May 14 (Thur): Zen Alone (젠얼론) @ Samda Park

Part 1 “10 Years Gone,” “Smoke Out”

Part 2 “Way Back Home,” “It’s Over”



06May 15 (Fri): Jeong Seung-hwan (정승환) @ Hangpaduri Hangmong Historic Site

Part 1 “The Voyager (우주선),” “The Snowman (눈사람)”
Part 2 “Forest (숲으로 걷는다),” I am You (나는 너야)”



We hope you enjoy this series. Please do leave comments and subscribe to the “Hello Jeju” channel. You can learn more about Jeju Island on our official site Visitjeju.net/en.

Thank you.

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