JTO awards contributor to its ‘Island Diary’ social media series

CEO Park Hong-bae hands Jen Avison flowers and an award during a ceremony at the JTO Welcome Center in Jeju City on June 25, 2020.

Congratulations and thanks go to Jeju resident Jen Avison for her contributions to the Jeju Tourism Organization’s on-going social media series on Jeju life titled “Island Diary”.

Ms. Avison was awarded an engraved trophy and flowers in recognition of the personal stories she kindly volunteered to write for the series. Five people who have made outstanding contributions to Jeju province were acknowledged at the ceremony.

The event was held this morning at the JTO’s head office, the Jeju Welcome Center in Yeon-dong, Jeju City.

The day also marks the 12th anniversary of the foundation of the Jeju Tourism Organization on June 25, 2008.

tyle-nlv-03-1584927279Here are Ms. Avison’s “Island Diary” entries:

‘Sanitizer tales’

‘Food: A universal language’

‘Holy Hallabongs!’

‘Flipped switch’

‘Cab kindness’

Ms. Avison’s blog: jenavisonsmith.com

Thanks, Jen, for your love of Jeju and your love of writing!


If you would like to contribute your own story, please read more about the series, its objective to encourage visitors to plan their trip to Jeju rather than coming during the COVID-19 pandemic, and get in touch.


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