[Jeju in Images] Lotus flower extravaganza: 3 spots to look out for

Jocheon Tortoise Pond

Address: 2498 Sinchon-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju City (제주시 조천읍 신촌리 2498)

Map: kko.to/BGtpsf9Dp

Yeonhwamot Pond

Address: 1569-2 Haga-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju City (제주시 애월읍 하가리 1569-2)

Map: www.visitjeju.net/u/4lm

Halla Sumokwon Arboretum 

Address: 72 Sumokwon-gil, Jeju City (제주시 수목원길 72)

Map: www.visitjeju.net/u/4ln

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many of Jeju’s seasonal festivals and tourist destinations have closed. Meanwhile, though, we would like to highlight some of the island’s attractions. We sincerely hope you will visit Jeju once the crisis has passed.

• For all your Jeju travel and safety information: www.visitjeju.net

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