2020 Jeju Olle Walking Festival: Putting safety first

The annual Jeju Olle Walking Festival is being modified in 2020 to help keep participants and Jeju islanders safe from the spread of COVID-19.

Normally the festival takes place over the course of a couple of days. But this year it will be held for 23 days on 23 routes, with a daily live stream for those who cannot participate in person. It is presently scheduled for Oct. 23~Nov. 14.

According to 2020 Jeju Olle Walking Festival organizers, the event “will be held in a new and unique way. Abiding by social distancing and safety rules, the festival will last longer in a wider area.”

Included in their recent Facebook post are the following details: 

“On each of 23 routes in the main island of Jeju (except Chuja-do, U-do and Gapa-do), 15 pre-registered participants and 2 guides (391 hikers per day) walk apart for 23 days exploring Jeju’s nature on foot. We are planning to have live stream service of the festival so that you can join it and have a look at what goes on at the festival site. If you are planning to hike the trail, this might be the event to consider joining.”

They also added that given the rapidly changing situation on the ground regarding COVID-19 infections, there is a possibility that government rules may require the festival to be delayed or canceled. 

Festival site: http://intro.jejuolle.org/intro/eng/app/festival.asp

More about Jeju Olle trails

• For all your Jeju travel and safety information: www.visitjeju.net

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