[Notice] COVID-19 conditions and related news for Jeju, Dec. 23, 2020

Here are today’s COVID-19 stats issued by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency for Dec. 23, 2020. (Info in English: ncov.mohw.go.kr/en)


– More cases related to local infections in public areas (churches, public and private schools, public saunas being the main venues) have been identified this week, bringing the total as of Wednesday morning to 199 patients hospitalized on the island.

– At present over 1,400 people are in self-isolation and that number is sure to grow this week as further investigations into chains of transmission make progress.

– The island’s cumulative COVID-19 total is 304 as of Wednesday morning. (Source: covid19.jeju.go.kr) If you live in Korea and have any questions related to COVID-19, feel free to call the 24/7 COVID-19 info line at 1339.


As of Dec. 23, 2020. Source: mohw.go.kr

– Jeju Island has raised its social distancing protocols to Level 2, with certain stricter measures in place to account for the island’s tourist population. Level 2 will be in effect through Jan. 3 at least. Here is a map of the nation’s social distancing status.

– At Level 2, there can be no events with over 100 people. Restaurants, cafes, etc., must shut at 9 p.m., though takeout is allowed. Nightclubs and bars with dance areas are closed. Nonessential outdoor gatherings are discouraged.

– Details regarding the 5-tier social distancing system in Korea can be found here: bitly.com/2Ja92eD

– Individuals must wear masks in all public spaces. Failure to comply may result in fines of up to 100,000 won. Businesses will also be subject to fines of 1.5 to 3 million won in cases of non-compliance.

Please help us keep Jeju Island safe for everyone. Thank you!

• For all your Jeju travel and safety information: www.visitjeju.net

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