[Jeju Today] Sunny in the west at Geumneung Beach, but rainy in Jeju City

I left for work this morning with blue sky in the west of the island. Then I spotted a lovely rainbow about half way to Jeju City (while traveling east). It was raining by the time I arrived at JTO. 

The cloud front on the right of this photo and the rainbow were clues about the changing weather. Well, as they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”

More about Geumneung Beach

Biyangdo Island

Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling to Jeju is problematic. In the meantime, we are highlighting some of the island’s natural attractions. We sincerely hope you will visit Jeju once it is safe to do so.

• For all your Jeju travel and safety information: www.visitjeju.net

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