A ‘Top List’ of Jeju Travel ‘Listicles’

Horseback riding and Seongsan Sunrise Peak (background) are two very popular Jeju attractions.

Not long ago I was doing a little research and typed “What can you do on Jeju Island?” into Google. 

Predictably, a lot of “listicle” posts popped up. 

So, just to give you a sense of what a set of travel bloggers are saying about Jeju Island these days, here’s a keyword chart of seven pages (with four more as references, since they group their lists into categories).

For simplicity, I’ll chart just the bloggers’ first 10 choices (you can get the full lists by clicking on the links). 

25 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island South Korea24 AWESOME THINGS TO DO ON JEJU ISLAND IN KOREA20 Best Things to Do in Jeju20 Things to Do in Jeju Island on Your First Visit15 Best Things to Do in Jeju14 Awesome Attractions in Jeju Island You Shouldn’t Miss12 Top Tourist Attractions in Jeju Island
1Jeongbang WaterfallSeongsan Sunrise PeakHallasan MountainShinhwa WorldCheonjiyeon WaterfallHallasan MountainSeongsan Sunrise Peak
2Go-kartingHallasan MountainManjanggul CaveCamellia HillYeomiji Botanical GardenCheonjeyeon WaterfallsUdo Island
3Oedolgae RockOlle TrailsSeongsan Sunrise PeakMaze LandJeju Folk Village MuseumSeonimgyo BridgeHallasan Mountain
4Jusangjeolli CliffLearn about Haenyeo diving womenJungmun BeachFairy and the Woodcutter Theme ParkOsulloc Tea MuseumSeongsan Sunrise PeakHamdeok Beach
5Jeju Folk VillageHamdeok BeachJusangjeolli CliffGotjawal ForestFolklore and Natural History MuseumJeongbang WaterfallManjanggul Cave
6Learn about Haenyeo diving womenHyeopjae and Geumneung BeachJeongbang WaterfallJeju Herb GardenJeju Teddy Bear MuseumManjanggul CaveSpirited Garden
7Seongsan Sunrise PeakJungmun BeachSeogwipo SubmarineSangumburi CraterManjanggul CaveJungmun BeachHyeopjae Beach
8Jeju Venice Land
Jeongbang WaterfallSeonimgyo BridgeJeju LovelandSubmarine tourDaepo Jusangjeolli CliffHallim Park
9Jeju Teddy Bear MuseumCheonjeyeon WaterfallsCheonjeyeon WaterfallsRail bikingSeopjikojiJeju Teddy Bear MuseumJeongbang Waterfall
10Hallasan MountainManjanggul CaveOlle TrailsGo-kartingSeongsan Sunrise PeakJeju Love LandDongmun Market

And these four stood out for being good compilations of Jeju travel ideas, though organized by category more than simply listed. They’re worth your time:

30 Incredible Things to Do in Jeju + My Secret Spots!Top 10 Things to Do on South Korea’s Jeju Island21 Unique Things to Do in Jeju IslandJeju Island Bucket List: Top 10 Things to Do in Jeju

Now, if any of these ideas sound interesting to you and you’d like to know more, there are a couple of easy options.

  1. Go to Jeju’s official travel info site Visitjeju.net and do a search.
  2. If you prefer help in real time, the Jeju Tourist Information Center has a free online chat service that operates daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. KST. Click here to get someone on the line during business hours.

I hope you’ll let us know your Jeju travel picks in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

Gwangchigi Beach (pictured) is along the Jeju Olle walking trail system. Both are wonderful ideas for your Jeju travel bucket list!

Keep in Touch With Jeju!

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The JTO’s informative YouTube channel: Visit Jeju Global

And check out our Facebook & Instagram channels, too.

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