has even more landmarks to explore virtually!

Jeju Island’s official tourism page has added more Jeju ports to its list of VR offerings.

In addition to beautiful the scenery of 24 Jeju destinations, you can click, scroll, and zoom around Jeju’s ports with the most amazing aerial views.

We think you’ll find this useful when planning your next trip to Jeju — when the time is right. Click on these buttons to explore Jeju. You can find more information about the 24 tourist destinations below.

Site List (More information where available)

Camellia ArboretumMore

Dusanbong Dullegil TrailMore

Seongeup Green Tea Cave

Seongeup Green Tea Field

Cheonjiyeon WaterfallMore

Jungmun Tourist ComplexMore

Gwangchigi BeachMore

Gunsan OreumMore

Sanbangsan MountainMore

Sinpung Coastal Road

1100 Road 

Udo IslandMore

Jeongbang WaterfallMore

Socheonji PondMore

Hyeopjae BeachMore

Soesokkak EstuaryMore

Seopjikoji CliffMore

Venice LandMore

Gwakji BeachMore

Maze LandMore

O’sulloc Tea FieldsMore

Biyangdo IslandMore

Vadada Cafe – More

Saebyeol OreumMore

Keep in Touch With Jeju!

Jeju Island’s official information site:

Free Jeju Travel Info Available by Chat (Daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. KST)

The JTO’s informative YouTube channel: Visit Jeju Global

And check out our Facebook & Instagram channels, too.

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