[Visit Jeju] Enjoy Jeju Through Its Beautiful Stone Culture

On a volcanic island like Jeju, it’s no surprise that over the centuries its people and culture have been heavily influenced by the basalt landscape. If you’re visiting Jeju for the first time (or even if you live here) it’s a good idea to have an idea about Jeju’s stone culture; fortunately it is featured in various family friendly and educational private parks around the island. These include Jeju Stone Park, Bukchon Dolhareubang Park, and Geumneung Seokmulwon, among many others.

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Jeju Stone Park

This 327-hectare ecological park and museum is designed to showcase all aspects of Jeju’s stone culture, including preserving statues, tools, buildings and more collected around the island. Jeju Stone Park has three walking courses leading visitors through a recreated Jeju village, a vast collection of stone statues, a comprehensive museum and outdoor exhibition space, an art gallery, and more.

Another interesting architectural feature of the park is the “Sky Pond,” which is a circular pond set into the roof of the museum building. It’s an impressive 40 meters in diameter and 125 meters in circumference. On a calm day it reflects the surrounding hills and trees almost like a mirror, and makes for a great photo-op. You can even walk in it with the provided wading boots.

In such a peaceful location nestled amid some smaller volcanic cones in the area, Jeju Stone Park is a perfect place for a quiet stroll (again, there are three courses ranging from an hour to nearly 3 hours in length) and peaceful contemplation in Jeju’s beauty.

Bukchon Dolhareubang Art Museum

This smaller park in rural north Jeju boasts a collection of many kinds of Jeju stone statues that the owners have arranged in an educational and fun way that will appeal to young and old alike. As you walk around the grounds, there are outdoor treehouse play areas and cute statues to take your picture with. Signs explain the background of the items on display. A cafe and kids’ reading library top off the fun.

Geumneung Stone Park (Seokmulwon)

This collection of Jeju stone statues by the owner and master carver Jang Gong Ik (who sadly passed away a few years ago) is truly one-of-a-kind. You can enter free of charge (there is a fee for parking, though) and it’s located just a “stone’s throw” from the ever-popular Geumneung Beach and Hallim Park, so you can make a day of it!

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